The Illustrated Herbiary

The Illustrated Herbiary: Guidance and Rituals from 36 Bewitching Botanicals
by Maia Toll (Author), Kate O'Hara (Illustrator) Storey Publishing | August 2018 | ISBN-10: 1612129684 | ePUB

Rosemary is for remembrance; sage is for wisdom. The symbolism of plants ??whether in the ancient Greek doctrine of signatures or the Victorian secret language of flowers ??has fascinated us for centuries. Contemporary herbalist Maia Toll adds her distinctive spin to this tradition with profiles of the mysterious personalities of 36 herbs, fruits, and flowers. Combining a passion for plants with imagery reminiscent of tarot, enticing text offers reflections and rituals to tap into each plant's power for healing, self-reflection, and everyday guidance. Smaller versions of the illustrations are featured on 36 cards to help guide your thoughts and meditations. About the Author MAIA TOLL is an herbalist, storyteller, folklorist, and women’s wisdom mentor. She opened her natural products shop, Herbiary (, after returning from a year-long apprenticeship with a traditional healer in Ireland. She is a registered herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild and teaches across the globe. You can find her latest writings, online classes, and information about her in-person retreats at CONTENTS Preface
The Herbiary
CHICKWEED: Start Fresh DAISY: Be Yourself RED CLOVER: Center and Ground SWEET VIOLET: Inner Sanctum APPLE: Forbidden Fruit WHITE SAGE: Clear the Way SELF-HEAL: Ripple Outward THYME: Distill Your Self DANDELION: Perseverance BURDOCK: Tap Your Resources ROSE: Crack Open RASPBERRY: Create Space HAWTHORN: Heart’s Home PLANTAIN: Rewild VALERIAN: Release Rigidity CALIFORNIA POPPY: Resurrection MUGWORT: Between Dreams ELDERBERRY: Cyclicality LADY’S MANTLE: Fortitude STARFLOWER: Finding Grace LAVENDER: Tough Love COMFREY: What Needs Mending? MARSHMALLOW: A Spoonful of Sugar YARROW: Pocket of Protection OATS: Just Be ST. JOHN’S WORT: Light in the Darkness TRILLIUM: Spirit into Matter WHITE WILLOW: The Ways of Water QUAKING ASPEN: We Are One MULLEIN: Integration REISHI: Defying Gravity PASSIONFLOWER: Exuberant Quietude NETTLE: Pay Attention! TULSI: You Are Sacred VERVAIN: Let Magic In ROSEMARY: Remembrance
How to Work with the Herbiary Cards
About the Author
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