Arrow - Season 7 Episode 13


Episode 13 : Star City Slayer.
Oliver And Felicity Are Disappointed After They Learn That William Is Hiding Something From Them. Wanting To Focus On His Family, Oliver Steps Back From His Green Arrow Duties And Let's The Team Take Over Tracking Down A Serial Killer. However, When The Team Becomes Targets For The Killer, Things Take A Bloody Turn..
After A Unhappy Shipwreck, Billionaire Playboy Oliver Queen Was Missing And Presumed Dead For Five Years Before Being Discovered Alive On A Remote Island In The Pacific. When He Returns Home To Starling City Oliver Has Been Changed By His Ordeal On The Island. While He Hides The Truth About The Man He's Become, He Desperately Wants To Make Amends For The Actions He Took As The Boy He Was. As The Green Arrow - A Vigilante - He Protects His City With The Help Of Former Soldier John Diggle, Computer-science Expert Felicity Smoak, His Vigilante-trained Sister Thea Queen, Deputy Mayor Quentin Lance, Brilliant Inventor Curtis Holt, And His New Recruits, Street-savvy Rene Ramirez And Meta-human Dinah Drake. Oliver Has Finally Solidified And Strengthened His Crime-fighting Team Only To Have It Threatened When Unexpected Enemies From His Past Return To Star City, Forcing Oliver To Rethink His Relationship With Each Member Of His 'family'.

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