Plebs - Season 4 Episode 7


Episode 7 : The Accountant.
When The Crown And Toga Is Hit By A Mega Tax Bill, Marcus Does Everything In His Power To Find A Top-notch Accountant. Jason Isn't Helping Things By Giving Away Free Drinks To His Barber In Exchange For Haircuts. And Grumio Finds A Fast Snail In The Bar..
Plebs Is Described As 'a Thoroughly Modern Comedy In An Ancient Setting'. Rome Is Traditionally Imagined As The Home Of Emperors And Senators, Generals And Gladiators, A Dignified Theatre Of Pomp And Ceremony. But What About The Little Guys, The Wasters - New To The Big City, Stuck In Office Jobs, Unable To Get The Girls? Plebs Follows Three Desperate Young Men From The Suburbs As They Try To Get Laid, Hold Down Jobs And Climb The Social Ladder In The Big City - A City That Happens To Be Ancient Rome. The Show Follows Marcus, Stylax And Their Lazy Slave With An Attitude Problem, Grumio. There's Also The Boys' Ruthless Boss, Flavia - An Expert Manipulator With A Private Life That's The Stuff Of Legend. Unlikely To Be Immortalized In The Annals Or Memorialized In A Frieze, Marcus, Stylax And Grumio Are Essentially Just A Bunch Of Plebs. And Whether They're Wearing Togas, Or Skinny Jeans, Desperate Young Men In Any Period Of History Are Essentially Cut From The Same Cloth.

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