Preacher - Season 3 Episode 7


Episode 7 : Hitler.
Jesse, Tulip, Gran'ma And Starr Form An Uneasy Partnership To Avert The Apocalypse; Cassidy Learns To Love Eccarius, But At A Cost..
Rev. Jesse Custer Is A Badass Texas Preacher Who Loses His Faith And Learns That God Has Left Heaven, Forsaking His Duties. After Merging With A Mysterious Entity Who Gives Him The Power To Make Anyone Do What He Says, Jesse Embarks On A Perilous Mission To Literally Find God, And Hold Him Responsible For His Abdication. Accompanying Jesse On His Journey Are His Ex-girlfriend Tulip And A Hard-drinking, Beer-guzzling Irish Vampire Named Cassidy... But Hot On Their Heels Is The Saint Of Killers, An Immortal Killing Machine Armed With A Pair Of Supernatural Colt Revolvers And The Power To Destroy Entire Armies.

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