The Originals - Season 5 Episode 13


Episode 13 : When The Saints Go Marching In.
Intent On Saving Hope's Life, Klaus' Plan Will Change The Lives Of The Mikaelson Family Forever..
Family Is Power. The Original Vampire Family Swore It To Each Other A Thousand Years Ago. They Pledged To Remain Together, Always And Forever. Now, Centuries Have Passed And The Bonds Of Family Are Broken. Time, Tragedy And Hunger For Power Have Torn The Original Family Apart. When Klaus Mikaelson, The Original Vampire-werewolf Hybrid, Receives A Mysterious Tip That A Plot Is Brewing Against Him In The Supernatural Melting Pot That Is The French Quarter Of New Orleans, He Returns To The City His Family Helped Build. Klaus' Questions Lead Him To A Reunion With His Diabolical Former Protege, Marcel, A Charismatic Vampire Who Has Total Control Over The Human And Supernatural Inhabitants Of New Orleans. Determined To Help His Brother Find Redemption, Elijah Follows Klaus And Soon Learns That The Werewolf Hayley Has Also Come To The French Quarter Searching For Clues To Her Family History, And Has Fallen Into The Hands Of A Powerful Witch Named Sophie. Tensions Between The Town's Supernatural Factions Are Nearing A Breaking Point As Marcel Commands His Devoted Followers And Rules With Absolute Power. For Klaus, The Thought Of Answering To His Powerful Protege Is Unthinkable, And He Vows To Reclaim What Was Once His - The Power, The City And His Family. While They Wait To See If Their Sister Rebekah Will Leave Mystic Falls And Join Them, Klaus And Elijah Form An Uneasy Alliance With The Witches To Ensure That New Orleans Will Be Ruled By The Originals Once Again.

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